Before upgrading to InsightCM 3.8.5, your server must be running InsightCM 3.6 or later. See InsightCM Upgrade Process for the upgrading process.


InsightCM and SystemLink are incompatible and should not be installed on the same server.

  1. Backup your server by stopping the NI InsightCM 3.X and NI InsightCM MongoDB services and copying “C:\ProgramData\National Instruments\InsightCM 3.0” to a safe location. If InsightCM is configured to use non-default Database and Data File directories, backup those directories too.

  2. Run the installer. See the instructions under Installing InsightCM 3.8.5.

  3. Open a web browser and navigate to http://localhost:82/icm or https://localhost:482/icm to confirm that the upgrade was successful. Clear the cache on your web browser to prevent the browser from being redirected to the previous version of InsightCM's web application. Refer to browser-specific documentation to clear the cache.

  4. Browse to the Assets page and confirm that the Asset tree was imported correctly.

  5. Browse to the Device page and confirm that the device channels are mapped to the Asset tree correctly.

  6. Update Condition Monitoring devices applications and connect to the InsightCM Server:

    • Browse to the Software tab on the Devices page.

    • Select a group of ten devices that you want to update and select Update Application. Check the configuration status of the device to see when the update finishes and the devices' Deployment Status will display Succeeded once complete.

    • Repeat this process for the next group of ten devices until all devices are updated.


      Custom units may not be imported and must be re-added manually after upgrading.

Follow the steps below to install the InsightCM™️ software:

  1. Double click the installer ISO to mount it.

  2. Run InsightCM.exe.

  3. Proceed through the installation dialog until you reach the Data page. If desired, specify custom directories for the Database Folder and Data Folder. If upgrading from a previous version of InsightCM, ensure that the installer properly detected the correct directories.

  4. Proceed to the Summary page and select Install.

  5. A server reboot might be required during installation. If prompted, select Restart and wait for the server to reboot. Sign back into the same user account you were using previously and the installation will proceed automatically.

  6. After the installation is completed, select Launch InsightCM and confirm the web UI successfully launches.


InsightCM stores data in both a central database and as files on disk. By default, data is automatically moved from the Database to the Data directory after 30 days. This archiving process results in better performance by decreasing memory used by the InsightCM database and more uniform load time for viewing data in the Data Viewer. The archived data can still be accessed in the Data Viewer. By default, the following directories are used:

  • Database Directory: C:\ProgramData\Cutsforth\InsightCM\MongoDB

  • Data Directory: C:\ProgramData\Cutsforth\InsightCM\Files

For optimal performance, Cutsforth recommends using separate SSDs for each data directory. Custom directory locations can be specified when installing InsightCM.

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