The InsightCM 3.8 Manual contains guidance for setting up new condition monitoring systems in the InsightCM web application, instructions for customizing data collection and maintenance, information on viewing data for analysis, and troubleshooting material.

Top Tasks

What do you want to do?

Where to go

Add and configure assets that monitor your equipment in software.

Configuring Your Asset Tree

Map sensors to specific channels on a device and group all sensors for one equipment asset into a data group for which you can configure data collection behaviors.

Adding Cutsforth Monitoring Devices

Force an initial acquisition to test whether your system is successfully acquiring data.

Acquiring Data

Acquiring Data for Wireless Devices

Configure a trend alarm for an asset.

Configuring a Trend Alarm Rule

Review supported data historian.

Historian Software

InsightCM 3.8 New Features

Refer to the list below to learn what's new in InsightCM 3.8.

Air Gap

CMS device images – AirGap-9047 and AirGap-9047 (IEPE Disabled) – now support new air gap assets and two new viewers – Pole Profile and Rotor Shape – for hydroelectric air gap analysis.

Fault Frequency Bearings

Select from a customizable database of bearings to add bearing fault frequencies to note problematic frequencies in InsightCM.

Optris Thermal Cameras and IR-9055

Web API Keys

Enable access to InsightCM data services by generating a Web API key and providing a Web API key in your HTTP Authorization header.

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