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CPU errors, memory capacity errors


This article explains how to resolve and then clear the invalid configuration state of a device.

Resolving and Clearing an Invalid Configuration

Enable your device to collect data again by changing the collection settings and conditions for an asset. When unresolved errors, such as reaching CPU and/or memory capacity, occur and persist in the device application, the device can enter a state of Invalid Configuration. This state works like an idle state where the application does not respond to any internal or external requests except requests to restart.

Complete one of the following steps to resolve and then clear the invalid configuration state of a device.

  1. Click the Configuration pull-down and select Devices.

  2. Double-click the device with the Config Status of Invalid Configuration.

  3. Identify which equipment asset sensors are mapped to the device.

  4. Click the Configuration button to get to the Asset Configuration page.

  5. Select the equipment mapped to the device with an Invalid Configuration.

  6. In the equipment's configuration panel, select the Operating States tab.

  7. In Data Set Collection Settings, configure the file length so that it is lower than its current setting.


    You may also free up memory or CPU by lowering the Sample Rate in the device's configuration page and/or removing integrated features from sensor asset properties.

  8. Navigate to the Device Configuration page in the web application.

  9. Select the device that still has a Config Status of Invalid Configuration and select the Action menu.

  10. Select Clear Invalid Configuration to make the device responsive to requests again.

If your device's application re-enters an Invalid Configuration state due to issues unrelated to memory or CPU, contact technical support.

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