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device replacement


This article describes how to bring replacement devices online in InsightCM.

Replacing a Device in InsightCM

Bring replacement devices online in InsightCM.

Ensure that you have another device to replace your original device.

Complete the following steps to replace a device in the web application as you do so in person.

  1. Click the Configuration pull-down and select Devices.

  2. Click the Action menu and select Disable Device.


    Disabling the device prevents it from attempting to communicate with the InsightCM while you are replacing it.

  3. Power off the old device.

  4. Set the IP address of the new device to be the same as the device you are replacing.

    This allows the new device to connect to InsightCM and come online when it powers on.

  5. Mount the new device in place of the old device, connecting to the network, sensors, and power.

  6. In the web application, on the Device Configuration page, click the Action menu and select Connection » Test Connection.

    This prompts the device to connect to InsightCM.

  7. Click the Action menu » Connection » Reset Connection to send a new connection information file to the device.

    The connection file includes new credentials so that the device can come online.

  8. Check the device status on the Device Configuration page to ensure it comes online.

  9. If the model of the new device is different from the old module, update the device configuration.

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