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spectral alarms


This article describes how to configure spectral alarm rules.

Configuring Spectral Alarm Rules

Configure an alarm for spectral frequencies to monitor the energy level of each frequency.

Before you begin, ensure that you have collected data from the sensor asset you are setting a spectral alarm for.


Spectral alarm rules are only calculated on the server.

A spectral alarm rule allows you to set alarms for every frequency of a spectrum to ensure that the energy level at each frequency is acceptable.

Complete the following steps to configure a spectral alarm rule for a sensor asset.

  1. Click the Configuration button (noloc_env_config.png) to navigate to the Asset Configuration page.

  2. Select the sensor asset you want to configure a spectral alarm for.


    Motor (MCSA) and Voltage Bus are equipment assets that also support spectral alarms.

  3. Click the Spectral Alarms tab and click Add to display the Spectral Alarm Rule dialog box.

  4. Choose an operating state and integration type.

  5. Select a data event from the list.

  6. Expand the Add Level pull-down menu and select the severity level you want to specify.

  7. Draw the line representing the severity level on the graph.

    1. Using the preview line, align your cursor to the g rms height with the corresponding length of the waveform and click to set the severity level.

    2. For data that fluctuates along the length of the waveform, raise or lower your cursor, move it along the length of the waveform, and click to set the same severity level for another section of the waveform.

  8. Click the checkmark button to commit the line of severity levels you have drawn.


    InsightCM sets the scale of spectral frequencies automatically based on collected data, but you can disable the auto-scale and set a maximum scale by clicking Set Scale.

  9. In the top right corner of the dialog, click Done.

  10. Repeat steps 5 through 9 to configure additional alarm levels as needed.

  11. Click OK to save your changes.

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