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wireless equipment data collection, thermal imaging device data collection, deactivate sensors, disable assets


This article describes configuring data collection for wireless equipment, for thermal imaging devices, deactivating a sensor, and disabling assets.

Configuring Data Collection for Wireless Equipment

Configure data collection behaviors for your wirelessly monitored asset.

  1. Click Configuration > Assets.

  2. Select a wirelessly monitored equipment asset.

  3. Select the Collection tab.

  4. Select the endpoint type using the pull-down in that section.

  5. Configure Sample Rate and Acquisition Length using the text fields.


    These settings may affect the wireless gateway device's data acquisition and battery life performance.

  6. Use the Collect At pull-down to define the time(s) you want your device to collect data.

  7. To change the gate source, click the Edit button near Gate and click the Edit button within the Select Gate Source dialog box.


    You can only select the features for each sensor asset within the wirelessly monitored equipment.

  8. Use the Compare To spin box to configure a feature value, then click OK.


    If the feature data falls below the Compare To value, no data will be collected.

  9. Choose when and how often to retry the acquisition if the gate condition is not met.

  10. Under Sensors, click Add to add sensors associated with the equipment you want to monitor.

    If a sensor is not listed here, you cannot map them on the sensor mapping page.

Configuring Collection Conditions for Thermal Imaging Devices

Collection conditions are evaluated on the thermal imaging device to determine when to send data sets and trend points to the server.

Complete the following steps to specify when a device collects camera data.

  1. Click Configuration (noloc_env_config.png) and ensure you are on the Asset Configuration page.

  2. Expand the Action menu (noloc_env_action.png) and select Cameras.

  3. Select a camera from the list in the Cameras dialog box and select Data Collection.

  4. Configure the Time, Delta EU, and/or Advanced conditions as needed.


    After you configure the device, cameras, ROIs, and collection conditions, you must notify the device that the configuration has been changed. Select the device from the list of devices on the Devices tab of the Device Configuration page and click Update Configuration.

Deactivating a Sensor

Shut off sensor data collection to minimize the collection of erroneous data due to a faulty sensor.

  1. Click Configuration (noloc_env_config.png).

  2. Locate the sensor you need to deactivate.

  3. Right-click the sensor and select Deactivate.

    A notification pops up and the sensor should have a red marking to indicate when you successfully deactivate a sensor.

  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 as needed.

Disabling Assets

Shut off data collection for assets (including child assets and sensors) to minimize the collection of erroneous data.

  1. Click Configuration (noloc_env_config.png).

  2. Locate the asset you need to disable.

  3. Right-click the asset and select Disable.

    A notification pops up and the asset should have a red marking to indicate when you successfully disable an asset.


    Child assets or sensors of the disabled asset also do not collect data though they are unmarked.

  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 as needed.

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