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This article describes how to specify what features you want an asset to calculate.

Assigning Features to Sensors

Specify what features you want an asset to calculate.

  1. Click Configuration (noloc_env_config.png) and select a sensor-level asset.

  2. Click the Features tab in the asset's configuration panel.


    This tab is available only on sensors that produce data sets.

  3. Click Add.

  4. Select one or more features in the Add Features dialog box and click OK.

  5. Define what feature property is calculated for an asset by selecting a feature.


    Not all features have properties to edit.

  6. Click Edit to display the Properties dialog box for that particular feature.

  7. Configure any properties you want to and click Close.


    If you do not see the feature you want to add, you may need to add the feature on the Asset Definition page.

Defining Feature Options for Sensors

Define which features are appropriate and available by creating a default set of features for the server to automatically assign to each sensor type.

Complete the following steps to review the predefined sets of features in the web application and to make changes at the system or asset level.


You can also manually assign additional features that are not part of a sensor's set of features.

  1. Click Configuration (noloc_env_config.png) and ensure you are on the Asset Configuration page.

  2. Click the Action menu (noloc_env_action.png) and select Edit Asset Definitions.

  3. Select the sensor for which you want to add a feature.

  4. Click the Features tab in the definition panel.


    Some items in the features list have Yes in the Default column to indicate the items are predefined features. Features can have their default setting toggled to Yes so that all new sensors will have that feature. Removing the toggled default setting does not remove features from existing sensors.

  5. Click the Add button and a dialog box will prompt you to select from additional features you can assign to the asset definition.


    If the dialog box is empty, no additional features are available.

  6. Select one or more features to add to an asset definition and click OK.

  7. To push the added feature to future instances of this sensor type, highlight the feature list and click the Toggle Default button.

  8. Add to the features available in the system.

    1. Click the Navigation menu.

    2. Hover over System and select Features.

    3. Click Add and hover over or select the type of feature you would like to add to the system.

    4. Enter a name and parameters for a new feature in the resulting dialog box and click OK.


      Any features you add to the system will be identifiable by the user glyph.

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