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Generator information, measurement


Use this topic to change generator settings such as plant name, location, measurement interval, number of brushes, and MODBUS TCP ports and RTU serial interfaces.

Generator Settings

To access the Generator Settings page, enter the Advanced Configuration screen and navigate to the Generator Settings tab. The following settings can be changed from this page:

  • Plant name

  • Generator manufacturer, type, and name

  • Location of on-screen generator reference label

  • Measurement interval (how often sensors will report data)

  • Number of brushes (number of rows and number of columns)

  • Brush numbering label display type (alphanumeric vs. numeric)

  • Modbus TCP port

  • Modbus RTU serial interface settings


Some of the steps in these sections will require the use of a USB keyboard, USB mouse, and/or a USB storage drive. The use of a USB hub or splitter is often beneficial.


Measurement Interval

The Brush Condition Monitoring (BCM) System collects data sets from the Brush Health Sensors (BHS) during regular measurement intervals. This measurement interval is a user-configurable setting from the Generator Settings page with options of 1, 3, 6, or 12 hours. Please note that battery life of the BHS is directly impacted with the frequency of data collection.


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