Disassembling the Shaft Grounding Assembly | Series 3

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This topic covers how to disassemble the Shaft Grounding Assembly.

Disassembling the Shaft Grounding Assembly

Cutsforth recognizes that it may be required to remove the Shaft Grounding Assembly and/or Shaft Contact Assembly during outages or other maintenance activities. The following instructions are designed to facilitate a simple and smooth disassembly process.

Disconnect the Signal Cables

  1. Open up the Signal Wire Disconnect Condulet (A) to expose the internal Ethernet Ports. Disconnect the Ethernet signal cables from the internal ports.

  2. Disconnect the conduit fitting from the Signal Wire Disconnect Condulet (A).


Disconnect the Ground Cable from the Unit Case

Remove the 5/16-18 hex grounding bolt from the unit case to disconnect the ground cable (A).


Remove the Shaft Grounding Assembly

  1. Remove the four 5/16-18 hex bolts (A) securing the attachment arm to the unit.

  2. Remove the Shaft Grounding Assembly, along with the attached cabling, Junction Box, and Signal Wire Disconnect Condulet, and place it in a safe location for storage.


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