Inspecting the Shaft Grounding Assembly | Series 3

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Periodic Checks, Maintenance, Routine Inspections


Describes key areas of the Shaft Grounding Assembly to check on a routine basis to ensure proper operation.

Inspecting the Shaft Grounding Assembly

To ensure that the Shaft Grounding Assembly is in proper working condition, make the following inspections frequently:

  • Check for any cracking or breakage of components.

  • When installing or removing the rope, check the “snap in” pressure.

  • Confirm that the rope guide is not contacting the shaft. There should be approximately 1/16 in (1.6 mm) between rope guide and the face of the shaft.

  • Inspect the integrity of the rope guide and attachment arms.

  • Inspect the shaft condition for any visible signs of wear, pitting, grooving, and contaminants.

  • Inspect ropes for wear and contaminants.

  • Inspect the electrical contacts on grounding ropes and in their corresponding slots in the Shaft Grounding Assembly for any wear or contaminants.

  • Inspect clearances and tightness of SGA/SCA arms to ensure there is no loosening over time, which could result in rubs and/or interference from thermal expansion.

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