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Shows a completed Shaft Contact Assembly installation and introduces the main components and steps involved in the installation.

Shaft Contact Assembly Installation

In addition to the Shaft Grounding Assembly, Cutsforth offers an optional secondary shaft assembly, the Shaft Contact Assembly (SCA), that is designed to be installed at the exciter end of the generator to provide a shaft voltage measurement at that location.

The Shaft Contact Assembly is designed for voltage measuring purposes only and does not provide an additional ground to the generator shaft. The Shaft Contact Assembly follows the same installation procedure as the Shaft Grounding Assembly. Refer to the Shaft Grounding Assembly installation instructions previously detailed in this manual for information on installing the Shaft Contact Assembly.

Below is an example installation of the Shaft Contact Assembly (A). The installation location between the collector rings (B) and generator (C), as detailed below, is a common configuration, but individual installations may vary.


Installing and Removing the Shaft Grounding and Contact Ropes

This topic describes the installation and removal of the Shaft Grounding and Contact Ropes.


When changing ropes at the Shaft Grounding Assembly online, always have one rope installed in the Rope Guide Assembly to maintain proper ground. Cutsforth recommends that workers do not change Shaft Contact Assembly (SCA) meter ropes while the generator is energized and/or operational.

Inserting a Rope

  1. Insert the rope into the rope guide (A), as shown in the following figure.

  2. With the rope fully inserted into the rope guide, push down on the rope grip (B) until it is fully seated in the Rope Guide Assembly (C).


Removing a Rope

  1. Lift the rope grip by the handle tab (A) and then pull the rope away from the shaft (B).

  2. Continue pulling the rope away from the Rope Guide Assembly (C), while maintaining control of the rope until it has been completely removed.


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