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baseline waveforms, operating states


This document describes how to set up Shaft Ground Monitoring software.

Shaft Ground Monitoring (SGM) Setup

Refer to the InsightCM Setup and Configuration manual (EZDP-2095) for instructions regarding how to configure devices, assets, alarms and operating states in the monitoring server system. Add the device using the template provided for your device to assure initial sensor configurations and alarm levels are at their recommended starting values. Once the device is initially configured use the following guidelines to set Shaft Grounding specific parameters.


Collect SGM Baseline Waveforms

Monitoring for grounding conditions and alarms can only be operational when the generator is online or false faults will be registered. To do this, you must collect baseline waveforms according to these instructions to be able to accurately determine how to set the generator ON operating state.

Using the Force Trigger action on the InsightCM Data Viewer page, collect the following four baseline waveform sets:

  • Force Trigger just prior to the generator spinning up on turning gear

  • Force Trigger during spin up just prior to the generator coming online

  • Force Trigger just after the generator comes online and is at lowest load

  • Force Trigger when the generator is at normal operating load


Annotate and save these waveforms so they are never deleted.


From the Data Viewer screen:

  1. Click the action menu button (icon with three horizontal lines).

  2. Click Add Comment.

  3. After you have added your comment, click the action menu button again, expand the Data Event list, and select Retain Data Event.


Define an ON Operating State

An operating state within InsightCMâ„¢ is a parameter that allows you to define alarms and data collection frequency when in that specific operating state.  

The first step is to remove the instructions in the default operating state to collect any waveforms while in the default state. In order to do this, click the Delete icon in the Data Set Collection Conditions and Trend Collection Conditions.


Create an ON Operating State

There will be a noticeable step up in the ground current 0-PK and shaft voltage 0-PK levels between the SGM baseline waveforms previously collected.

  1. Enter the rules needed to enter the ON operating state so that when both current and voltage 0-PK values have stepped high enough to indicate that the generator is online and stayed at that level for at least 60 seconds.

  2. Set the rules so that the system will exit the ON operating state (and return to default) when both of these values have dropped below the level where the generator is online.

  3. Initial recommendations are to set the ON state waveform Data Set Collection Conditions to occur once every 4 hours and the Trend Collection Conditions data to update once every 15 minutes.

  4. The system will come with a default set of alarm levels set, which may need adjusting. Once the generator is operational, select the four baseline trend points collected above from the trend line and select Data Event > Export Data Event to export and save the TDMS file for each dataset.

  5. Export the Asset and Device configuration spreadsheets:

    1. From the Asset Configuration screen, press the action menu button (icon with three horizontal lines) in the upper-right, and select Import/Export > Export Asset Spreadsheet > Selected Sub-Tree.

    2. From the Device Configuration screen, press the action menu button in the upper-right, and select Import/Export > Export Devices Spreadsheet > Selected Devices.

    3. Send the information collected above to to request review and advice regarding status and alarm settings and any attention to waveforms that may be recommended.


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