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installing, mounting, cable connections


This document explains how to install the Premium Monitoring System

Placement and Mounting of Enclosure

This section covers the placement and mounting requirements for the Premium Monitoring System enclosure (A).

The Premium Monitoring System requires two Unistrut rails (B) for mounting. The enclosure should be mounted as close to the Shaft Grounding Assembly as possible, while:

  • Maintaining operator safety

  • Meeting the requirements outlined in the Installation Planning Guide (EZDP-2078), to minimize the run length of the signal cables


Routing the Signal Cables from the Shaft Assemblies

This section covers the requirements relating to the routing and termination of the Shaft Grounding Assembly (SGA) and Shaft Contact Assembly (SCA) signal cables.

  1. Connect the supplied Ethernet signal cables (F) to the condulet (E) and Junction Box (C) attached to the Shaft Grounding Assembly cable whip (B).

  2. [Only if Shaft Contact Assembly is installed] Connect the supplied Ethernet signal cable to the condulet attached to the Shaft Contact Assembly (A).

  3. Connect the other end of the Ethernet signal cables (F) to the Shaft Ground Monitoring System according to the associated wiring diagram(s).

  4. Drill and tap a 5/16”-18 hole in the unit case near the Shaft Grounding Assembly junction box (C) for the ground wire connection. Route the 8 AWG ground wire (D) from the junction box (C) to unit case ground. Verify that the ground wire termination point will maintain proper electrical connection; remove any paint, rust, or other, contaminants from the location of the 5/16”-18 hole.


Running Plant Power and Data Connections

This section covers the power requirements and data connections for the Premium Monitoring System.  

The Premium Monitoring System has an internal enclosed AC/DC converter which requires a power input of 85-264 V and 5 A AC at 50 or 60 Hz. The output of the internal power supply is 24V, 5A DC (120W). The power input cabling (A) should be run to the Premium Monitoring System in liquid-tight conduit.  

Cutsforth recommends a CAT6a cable for the data output from the Premium Monitoring System to the control room (B). The data output cabling should be run to the control room in liquid-tight conduit.


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