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voltage, current, accuracy, isolation, accuracy, temperature


This document lists the specifications related to generator field monitoring.

Key Specifications


  • +/-100 V DC

  • 0-70.7 V RMS

  • 0-100 V 0-Pk


  • +/-30 A DC

  • 0 -21.21 A RMS

  • 0 -30 A 0-Pk

Rotor Flux:

  • 0-10 V 0-Pk

Isolation: 1500 V

Accuracy: +/-1 V and 5% of current in specified range

Operating Temperature: -40°C to 70°C (-40°F to 158°F)

Signal Acquisition Rates:

  • Shaft voltage and ground current are measured at 1 million samples per second at 14-bit resolution during typical monitoring and at 20 million samples per second during temporary burst mode with the ground current sensor having a 500 kB bandwidth sensor.

  • Wear Indicators are measured at 100 kS/s.

  • Rotor Flux hall sensor is measured at 50kS/s.

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