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installation location


Describes how to plan the optimal layout for an EMI Monitoring System installation

Planning the Layout

Identify a suitable installation location for the EMI Monitoring System and Power Supply enclosures. Location suitability should be based on the following factors:

  • Proximity to similar monitoring equipment – do not install the EMI Monitoring System in a location where each of the HFCT circuits exceed 200 ft in wire length. Cable lengths exceeding this length can negatively affect signal quality. Note that the HFCT cable lengths for each run do not need to be equidistant relative to each other.

    • Minimizing the distance is preferred to assure limited attenuation from the CT to the monitoring system. It is critical to understand that the monitoring system is measuring signals at the microvolt scale, and attenuation plays a significant role.

    • If the EMI Monitoring System enclosure is installed in a sunny location, consideration should be given to either shade the enclosure or provide internal cooling to the enclosure.

  • Install the monitoring system in such a way that it does not complicate generator disassembly during outages.

  • Ensure the monitoring system is accessible to personnel for servicing as needed. However, system surveillance and performance feedback is not viewable at the monitoring system panel.

  • Ensure there is proximity to selected HFCT locations, 120VAC power source and data hub.

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