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support arms, shaft grounding assembly


Describes how to attach the support arms on Shaft Grounding Assembly

Weld Support Arms on the Shaft Grounding Assembly

Refer to the following instructions when welding the Cutsforth Shaft Grounding Assembly Attachment Arm. The attachment arm is comprised of 300 series stainless steel. TIG welding is the preferred welding method. If weld filler is needed, AWS E/ER 308, 308L or 347 are acceptable.


The customer must provide a qualified welder to perform support arm welding.

  1. Tack or stitch weld at the marks. The goal is a “stitch” or “fuse” weld. No additional welding material needs to be added at this time. The arm joints simply need to be locked in place by the tacks.


    If the tacking step is overlooked, and the welder commences to weld the seam, the attachment arm positioning will be compromised as this will result in a distorted arm. If this occurs, the arm is unusable and must be replaced.

  2. Weld all of the seams as indicated with the red lines shown in the illustration below. Weld both ends and follow accepted welding practices to minimize distortions that would compromise proper alignments.

  3. Clean up the surface with a wire wheel.

  4. Return the fully welded arm to the Cutsforth Technician for final assembly on the generator.

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