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planning, grounding equipment, termination location, mounting location, run length


Describes how to plan the installation of the system

Plan the Installation

This articles provides guidance to plan the installation of the Premium Monitoring System.

Installation Best Practices

Please review the list of best practices for installation below to help ensure maximum effectiveness of your Cutsforth Shaft Grounding System.

  • Install all Series 1 and Series 2 Shaft Grounding Assemblies with a High Frequency Drain (HFD).

  • Avoid sharp turns and bends in the grounding wire whenever possible. Bending the conductor can create induction back onto the bent wire. While the HFD will aid in dissipating this inductance, it is best to make turns as gradual as possible.

  • Route the grounding conductor along the shortest possible path. When the HFD is installed, the ground conductor can extend up to 47 feet in total length when measured from the SGA grounding rope to the finished grounding terminal on the unit case.

  • Mount the Shaft Ground Monitoring equipment so that the segment of conductor between the SGA and the monitoring equipment is no greater than 30 feet. If the signal lines between the SGA and the monitoring equipment are longer than 30 feet, the monitoring function starts to be diminished.

Identify Existing Grounding Equipment

The Cutsforth Shaft Grounding Assembly will be installed on the same portion of exposed shaft as the previous grounding equipment. The shaft assemblies (SGA and SCA) must be installed on the “uphill” side of the shaft rotation. Installing the shaft assemblies on this side of the shaft ensures that the rope will not bunch up or bind up inside the rope guide. See below image for example.


Determine Ground Conductor Termination Location

The goal when choosing a grounding location is to electrically bond the shaft to the unit case ground. Cutsforth suggests drilling and tapping into the lower half of the unit case to create a grounding location close to the SGA. To create a smooth, conductive surface, the location of ground wire termination should have all paint removed and be free of all contaminants.


Do not use structural steel or station ground as grounding locations.

Identify an Accessible and Safe Mounting Location

The Premium Monitoring System contains an interactive control panel that should be placed:

  • In a location that does not experience temperatures above the maximum operating temperature of the Premium Monitoring System.

  • In a location that is safe and accessible for plant personnel.

  • At an ergonomic height so that the center of the touchscreen is roughly at eye-level.

  • In a location that does not receive direct sunlight for extended periods of time (if possible).

The ground conductor must be routed through the Premium Monitoring System enclosure before terminating to the unit case. Therefore, the monitoring system should be mounted somewhere between the Shaft Grounding Assembly (SGA) and the unit case termination location. This placement also helps eliminate extensive lengths in the ground conductor run.

Identify Ways to Shorten Ground Conductor Run Length

When it comes to the ground conductor, shorter is always better. Cutsforth requires that the total run length of the ground conductor be kept to 15 feet or less. Be sure to explore all available options to shorten the overall length of the ground conductor between the SGA and unit case ground.


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