Monitoring Partial Discharge with RTD Leads and Slot Couplers

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Explains how Partial Discharge (PD) monitoring is performed.

Monitoring Partial Discharge with RTD Leads and Slot Couplers

For many years, Partial Discharge (PD) monitoring has been done with Resistive Temperature Detectors (RTDs) and slot couplers (small antenna embedded between the top and bottom windings in the core).



RTD leads and slot coupler antennas are available for generators and some motors.

Slot coupler antennas can also be used for monitoring EMI signals. However, they are the least sensitive because they are shielded from many sources by the windings and the core. The antennas tend to be very localized in their monitoring capabilities. Many PD monitoring folks have gravitated toward the bus couplers for this reason and because a rewind is needed to install them. However, if there is no other good location, the antennas can be used.

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