Connect to the Rotor Flux Monitoring System (RFMS)

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Provides steps to connect a generator to the RFMS using the host application.

Connect to the Rotor Flux Monitoring System (RFMS)

The Host Configuration area (1) in the top left corner of the Host application window allows you to connect to an RFMS.


Complete these steps:

  1. Enter the IP address of the RFMS in the Controller Address field.

  2. Press the Connect button to connect to the RFMS.

    • If you entered an invalid IP address, the message “System not found at the specified address” appears in the Host Status tab in the Status and Events area.

    • If a successful connection is made, the messages “System connected” and “Connected to WebDAV server” appear, with the latter message indicating that the WebDAV server used to transfer data files has successfully connected.

      Press the Disconnect button to disconnect from the RFMS.

  3. In the Generator Name drop-down list, select the configured generator you want to use. The Load indicator shows a live load percentage measured from the generator load signal.

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