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Test Panel, Frequency Sweep, Time Domain Data, Capture and Download Audio Data


Describes how to access the Test Panel

The Test Panel allows you to further analyze your data. Once you access the Test Panel, you can:

Access the Test Panel

  1. In the upper menu bar, click the Wrench icon and select Devices to open the Device Configuration screen.

  2. If there are multiple devices, each device will appear on this screen view. Use the filter field (A) to locate the specific device you are interested in viewing. If you enter EMI in this field and click the Filter icon, then only the devices with EMI in the name display in this screen.

  3. In order to access the Test Panel, highlight the device (cRIO) that you want to access, click on the Monitor icon (B) in the upper right corner of the screen, and select Test Panel. This opens the Test Panel in a separate window.


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