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Spectrum Data


Describes how to download a .tdms file from the server from any screen in the InsightCM

Download Spectrum Data

Complete these steps to download a .tdms file from the server from any screen in the InsightCM.

  1. Click the down arrow from the NI InsighCM upper menu banner and select System > Data Event.

  2. Select the component of interest under EMI on the left-side component tree (A).

  3. A list of all events on that device will appear. Only the events that have Yes (B) in the Data Sets field will have .tdms files attached.

  4. You can filter for just the events that have files attached by clicking Filter by (C).

  5. Select Data Sets Only and click OK. A list of dates with .tdms files (EMI Monitoring data) appears.

  6. Select Export (D) and click Save (E) at the bottom of the screen to download the file to the Downloads directory on the computer. You may want to relocate it and rename it for future use.


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