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Audio Data, Capture, Download


Describes how to capture and download audio data

Capture and Download Real Time Audio Data

  1. Go to the Audio tab. This allows the user to listen to the signature characteristics of the defect captured within the monitoring software.

  2. In the Channel field (A), select the device for which you want to capture the data. If there are four channels in the cRIO that the test panel is supporting, you must use the drop-down arrow to select the device.

  3. Enter the frequency in the Center Frequency (Hz) field (B).

  4. Adjust the Duration field (C) to change the amount of audio data to capture. The default is 5 seconds.

  5. Once all of the fields are adjusted to the values required, click Record (D). After a few moments, a file will appear in the box on the right-hand side of the screen.



The audio behavior of the .wav file is browser dependent. For Edge and Chrome you can open the file in the browser and listen to the audio content. For Internet Explorer, you must download the data to the computer in order to open and listen to the content.


If you wish to save the file for future listening, you must download the file and save it on to a computer; the file is only cached temporarily in the browser cache and will disappear once the screen is refreshed. See Download Audio Data in the next section.

Download Audio Data

  1. In the Test Panel Audio tab once you have recorded an audio file you can select the download option on the right side of the screen.

  2. A similar window as the Spectrum Data download window opens. Click Save to save to the downloads section of the computer. Note that you will need to rename the file to something more unique because it downloads as “download.wav”.


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