Using the System Controller User Interface

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turn on system controller, turn off system controller, navigate the system controller screen


Describes how to inspect, turn on, and turn off, and navigate the System Controller

Using the Primary Controller User Interface

Before powering the Primary Controller breaker to the “ON” position, first inspect the Primary Controller to ensure that there are no foreign materials inside the Primary Controller, no damaged components, or loose wire connections.

Power On the Primary Controller

To power on the Primary Controller:

  1. Swing open the faceplate panel of the Primary Controller.

  2. Locate the switch towards the bottom of the panel and flip it to the “ON” position.

  3. Close the faceplate panel and wait for the system to automatically boot.

Primary Controller Screen Layout

The diagrams in this section illustrate how the Primary Controller screen layout correlates to the brushes on your generator. The Advanced Configuration screen contains an option to select the generator reference label location. This allows the user to arrange the home screen in a way that makes the most sense for their unit configuration and Primary Controller mounting location.

This is the Primary Controller screen layout. The below example shows the generator reference label location at the top of the screen.


The following diagrams show the brushes with the left (blue) and right (red) rows highlighted.


Navigating the Primary Controller Screen

Once the Primary Controller has been powered on, the top level view of the user interface screen appears:

  • Press Config (A) to open the Primary Configuration window.

  • Information in the top center of the user interface screen (B) shows plant name, generator manufacturer, name and type, and current time; all of which can be modified within Advanced Configuration.

  • Asset tag and Primary Controller Application version are shown in the bottom right corner (C).


Power Off the Primary Controller

To power off, repeat the power on sequence in reverse order.

Another option for power off is to:

  1. Plug in an external USB keyboard.

  2. Press ALT+F4 to close out of the application.

  3. Press ALT+F4 again to bring up the Power menu.

  4. Select your desired option (shut down, restart, etc.).

  5. If shutting down, wait for the system to fully shut down, then open the faceplate panel and flip the switch to the OFF position.

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