Pair and Unpair a Brush Health Sensor

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Explains how to pair or unpair a Brush Health Sensor

Connecting Brush Health Sensors

The Brush Health Sensor (BHS) is a data logging device that processes sensor data and reports it back to the Sensor Controller at a regular interval over a 2.4 GHz wireless link. Up to 216 Brush Health Sensors may be connected to a single Brush Condition Monitoring System. The 2.4 GHz antenna is a PCB trace style antenna.


Pair a New Sensor

To pair a new sensor:

  1. From the home screen, select the brush holder location where you want to place the new sensor.

  2. When that brush holder location's menu appears, push Press to Pair New Sensor,

  3. Press the button on the sensor you wish to pair.

  4. Wait until a "pairing successful" message is returned.

  5. Once pairing has successfully completed, install the brush and sensor in the proper position on the collector ring.

Unpair a Sensor

To unpair a sensor, press and hold the button on the sensor for three seconds until the two LEDs on the sensor flash three times.

This indicates that the sensor has been unpaired. The data for that sensor/location will remain visible on the Primary Controller home page until the next regular data collection interval passes. At that point, the Primary Controller home screen will update accordingly.

Replacing a Sensor

The method used to replace Brush Health Sensors is the same as that of standard brush springs. For instructions on installing/uninstalling brush springs, please see your EASYchange Operations Manual.

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