EASYchange® Brush Holder FAQ's

What types of generators benefit from Cutsforth's EASYchange® Carbon Brush Holders?
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What types of generators benefit from Cutsforth’s EASYchange® carbon brush holders?
Our carbon brush holders are currently installed on gas and steam turbines, hydroelectric and at nuclear power plants. Other retrofits include chemical plants, paper mills, and oil & gas refineries. From the smallest power producers to some of the nation’s largest power companies, Cutsforth’s brush holders are quickly becoming the BEST choice for an in-service removable brush holder. In addition to the United States, Cutsforth brush holders have been installed overseas in several countries..
What brands of generators are Cutsforth’s EASYchange® carbon brush holders installed on?
General Electric, Westinghouse, Allis Chalmers, Electric Machinery, Alstom, ABB, ASEA, GM, Siemens and Hitachi.
Why should we consider a retrofit with Cutsforth’s EASYchange® carbon brush holders?
Our brush holder will bring increased personnel safety, increased collector ring and brush rigging reliability, and decreased maintenance costs to your plant.
What problems will Cutsforth’s EASYchange® carbon brush holders address on my generator?
Arcing, brush binding, poor terminal connections, poor spring pressure, and photographing. Our brush holders can reduce collector ring wear and improve and protect the critical brush-to-ring connection.
How long does a Cutsforth EASYchange® carbon brush holder retrofit take?
Entire retrofits can usually be completed in one business day. The Cutsforth team works with your company and/or outage coordinators to get our brush holders installed during your outage.
How long has Cutsforth’s EASYchange® holders been operating in generators?
Our EASYchange® holders have been in service and operating over 15 years. There are currently over 30,000 Cutsforth EASYchange® brush holders in operation worldwide.
How reliable has Cutsforth’s carbon brush holder been?
We are proud to proclaim that we have never had a failure to date from our brush holder.
Has Cutsforth’s carbon brush holders ever been installed on DC motors?
Yes, on larger critical applications. We have our brush holders on larger DC motors such as MG sets. This is requires more extensive engineering approval, click here to reach out to sales to begin the process.
Can Cutsforth’s EASYchange® carbon brush holders be installed on commutators, pilot exciters and Alterrex ring sets?
Yes; the installation variables are the brush size, ring or commutator size (width) and the existing brush rigging setup.
How can I see a demonstration or receive more information?
We regularly schedule online demonstrations, which consist of a web-based meeting and conference call for plant personnel. Our Application Specialist can also come onsite and inspect your existing brush riggings and go over brush excitation best practicing training with your operators as well as provide a hands-on demonstration of EASYchange® at a marginal cost. Click here to arrange an online demonstration or request an on-site visit.
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