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EZDP-2016, CED-1008


Installation, Operation, Maintenance


Holder Mounts, Brush Holders, Height Setter


Explains how to install the holder mounts using the height setter which helps to verify that the holder mount and the brush holders are at the correct distance from the collector ring

Safety Notices

Install a Holder Mount Using the Height Setter

  1. While holding the trigger (A) in its disengaged position, slide the height setter (B) onto the holder mount (C) until the guide boss (D) is bottomed out in the guide slot (E).

  2. With the height setter positioned all the way down, release the trigger (A) and allow it to move to the engaged position (F).

  3. Ensure the height setter with holder mount (B) is on the mount side of the adapter (G). Place the height setter with holder mount against one of the adapters on the yoke (H). Position so that the height setter rests against the collector ring (I) until both height setter ribs (J) contact  the collector ring. 

    The adapter may need a rotational adjustment. To maximize ring coverage, use the alternate mounting positions on the adapters as needed.

  4. Using a 5/32 in Allen wrench, fasten the 1/4-28 button head cap screws (K) and NL6 Nordlock washers (L) to 110-120 in lbs (12-13.5 Nm) of torque.

  5. Pull the trigger back to the disengaged position.

  6. Remove the height setter.


Center the Brush Installation Area and Remove the Height Setter

  1. Use the height setter to check that the brush will be properly centered on the ring when the brush holder is installed. Measure the position of the height setter and compare to the position of the original brush.

    If necessary, insert or remove washers by the spacers so that the brush holder is properly centered.

  2. Pull the trigger circle-a.png back to the disengaged position.

  3. Remove the height setter circle-b.png from the holder mount.


Install the Remaining Holder Mounts

  1. Repeat the steps in the previous sections of this article for any remaining holder mounts.

  2. Torque the 5/16 in adapter bolts to 220-240 in lbs (25-27.5 Nm).

  3. If the yoke stud nuts are loose, tighten and torque the nuts to the manufacturer’s recommended torque value.

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