Determining a Ground Conductor Termination Location | Series 1

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EGSA-013, EGSA-017

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Shaft Grounding, Installation


Guidance for determining the best location for the ground conductor termination, with emphasis on maintaining the shortest possible cable run.

Determining a Ground Conductor Termination Location

The goal when choosing a grounding location is to electrically bond the shaft to the unit case. Cutsforth suggests drilling and tapping into the lower half of the unit case to create a grounding location close to the Shaft Grounding Assembly. The location at which the ground wire will terminate should have all paint removed and should be free of all contaminants in order to create a smooth, conductive surface. Structural steel and station ground are examples of unacceptable grounding locations. It is important to note that it is not necessary for the ground conductor to be grounded to an existing generator grounding pad.

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