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Shaft Grounding, Installation


Procedures for testing using the shaft voltage, ground rope, metering rope, and ground current test points.

Test Point Inspections

Shaft Voltage Test Point

The resulting voltage or waveform read at this point represents the shaft voltage at the metering rope location.


Ground Rope and Meter Rope (Wear Indicators)

Both of these test points connect to insulated conductors in the center of either the ground or metering ropes on the shaft.  

  • If a voltmeter indicates that a voltage is present (close to the shaft voltage read from the Shaft Voltage Test Point) then the insulated conductor has been worn through and the rope is in need of replacement.

  • If for any reason you are unsure if the voltage test is indicating a replacement is necessary, a second test method is to measure the resistance or continuity of the wear indicator line in reference to ground.

  • If there is infinite resistance or no continuity to ground then the insulation is still intact and the rope is less than 50% worn. Continuity, or little or no resistance, indicates the rope is worn to the point of needing replacement.


Ground Current Test Point

Use a clamp-on style current measuring device to test the current flowing to ground from the shaft. The panel indicates which end of the green ground conductor is connected to the shaft and which end is connected to the unit case ground.


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