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Pre-installation, Brush Rigging, measuring, Cleaning, Inspecting


Describes how to power down, measure the brush rigging area, and clean and inspect components before you begin to install the Brush Holders

Powering Down

  • Power down the generator and accessory devices.

Measuring the Brush Rigging Area

  1. Remove the door to the brush rigging area.

  2. Measure the yoke circle-a.png to the end of of the spacer circle-b.png . Then measure the yoke circle-a.png to collector ring circle-c.png edge. Compare the values to the measurements from Step 1 in Powering Down.

  3. For confirmation, examine the brush position offset from the ring film to check for shaft growth. Note the difference from the running location.

Inspecting and Cleaning Components

  1. Remove the brush holders and brushes. For instructions, see the documentation that came with the old brush rigging.

  2. Examine the yokes, spacers, insulation, and barrier for damage. Carefully remove any poor material conditions on the yoke stud insulation, and replace damaged components.

  3. Set aside the brush holders and brushes.

  4. Ensure collector rings are free from contamination and signs of arcing or burning. When at speed, brush vibration measured on the top of the brushes in mils of displacement should not be more than 4 mils.

    If collector rings are worn or damaged, contact Cutsforth for repair.

  5. Clean the collector assembly. Use denatured alcohol to remove any dirt, oil residue, and carbon dust from the collector rings and all other accessible parts. 

  6. Clean the yokes with a scouring pad. To prevent film formation and possible rust, avoid hand or finger prints on the steel rings.

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