Installing the Attachment Arm | Series 2

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Shaft Grounding, Connector Plate, Elbow Assemblies, Attachment Arm, Welding Seams 


Details how to install the attachment arm

Complete the steps in these sections to install the attachment arm:

Place the Shaft Grounding Assembly

  1. Place the 1/16 in thick rope guide spacer (A) over the shaft (B) (the arrow indicates the shaft rotation direction).

  2. Set the Shaft Grounding Assembly (C) on the rope guide spacer as shown the following figure. Orient the Shaft Grounding Assembly such that the mid-point of the rope guide is at the 12 o’clock position.

  3. Temporarily attach the assembly to the shaft using hands, clamps, tape, banding, or a wooden frame.


Attach the Connector Plate

The location of the connector plate (A) that mounts to the unit may vary, but it must be within 30 inches of the attachment arm connection point (B) on the Shaft Grounding Assembly.

  1. Using the connector plate as a template, drill and tap four holes (5/16 in-18 x 3/4 in deep) for mounting to the unit.

  2. Attach the connector plate to the mounting location using the provided 5/16 in-18 x 3/4 in hex bolts and Nordlock washers.


Insert the Elbow Assemblies

Insert one elbow assembly into the connector plate and one into the adapter located on the Shaft Grounding Assembly. Position the elbow assemblies (A) so they face each other, as shown in the following figure.


Insert the Attachment Arm

  1. To determine the length of the attachment arm (stainless steel tubing), measure the exact distance between the flanges on each elbow assembly (A), as shown in the following figure.

  2. Cut the attachment arm to the measured length and install it (B).


Secure Position and Remove the Attachment Arm

  1. Using a 5/32 in hex key wrench, tighten the three fasteners around the end of each elbow half (A) to 100 in lbs. Use the 5/32 in hex key wrench to tighten the center pivot fastener of each elbow to 70 ft lbs. Do not yet tighten the set screws between the elbows and attachment arm pipe.

  2. Remove the four hex bolts from the connector plate (B) and the two bolts from the attachment arm adapter connecting to the rope guide. Carefully remove the attachment arm assembly and Shaft Grounding Assembly, while taking care not to disturb the elbow assemblies, as this will cause misalignment.


Weld Seams

Position the Shaft Grounding Assembly

  1. After assembling the attachment arm, place the Shaft Grounding Assembly back onto the shaft, over the rope guide spacer.

  2. Connect the attachment arm to the Shaft Grounding Assembly by tightening the two screws (A) shown in the following figure. Torque to 110 in lbs.

  3. Make any needed fine-tuning adjustments to the orientation to the Shaft Grounding Assembly before locking the rope guide ball and socket joint in place by tightening the three 1/4 in-28 socket head cap screws (B) shown in the following figure. Tighten these bolts by first getting each one snug, then torquing each bolt to 110 in lbs.


Secure the Shaft Grounding Assembly

  1. Check the gap between the shaft and the contact points on the rope guide to make sure there are no misalignments.

  2. Torque all four of the 5/16 in-18 x 3/4 in hex bolts (A) with Nordlock washers to 240 in lbs.


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