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EGSA-013, EGSA-017

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Shaft Grounding, Installation


Procedure for installing the rope guide.

Installing the Rope Guide

  1. Place the 1/16 in thick rope guide spacer circle-a.png on the shaft, and place the panel assembly circle-b.png back on the shaft, over the rope guide spacer.

  2. Install the welded attachment arm circle-c.png and check the gap between the shaft and the contact points on the panel assembly circle-b.png to make sure there are no misalignments. Torque all eight of the 5/16 in-18 x 1/2 in and 3/4 in length hex bolts with Nordlock washers circle-d.png to 240 in-lbs.

  3. Adjust the rope guide sections so that the contact points circle-e.png are against the rope guide spacer. Tighten all the 5/16 in-18 x 5/8 in length bolts on the rope guide starting closest to the panel assembly and then work around from there. Torque the 5/16 in-18 rope guide bolts circle-f.png to 220 in-lbs and the rope guide adjustment slot bolts circle-g.png to 240 in-lbs.


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