Installing the Attachment Arm | Series 1

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Shaft Grounding, Installation


Procedure for installing the attachment arm.

Attach the Connector Plate

  1. Place the connector plates circle-a.png as shown. The location of the connector plate that mounts to the unit may vary.   

    • For GE units, a mounting bracket adapter is available for mounting to the OEM mounting location. Proceed to the Mount the Adapter section of this article..

    • For units not compatible with the GE mounting adapter, proceed to step 2 below.

  2. Drill four holes (5/16 in-18 tap x 3/4 in deep) for mounting to the unit using the Cutsforth connector plate as a template. 

  3. Attach the upper connector plate to the mounting location using the provided 5/16 in-18 x 3/4 in hex bolts and Nordlock washers.

Mount the Adapter (for GE Units)

Follow these steps to mount the adapter onto compatible GE OEM mounting locations. If the unit is not compatible with Cutsforth's GE mounting adapter, return to step 2 of Attach the Connector plate above.

  1. Remove the OEM mounting bolts and the existing OEM shim plate.

  2. Align a Cutsforth mounting bracket adapter circle-a.png on the OEM mounting holes. Replace the OEM bolts with new 3/8-16 x 2 in length bolts and Nordlock washers circle-b.png. Torque to 38 ft lbs.

  3. Attach a connector plate circle-c.png to the mounting adapter and panel assembly using the provided 5/16 in-18 x 1/2 in length bolts and Nordlock washers.


Secure Position and Remove the Attachment Arm

  1. Using a 5/32 in hex key wrench, tighten the three fasteners around the end of each elbow half circle-a.png to 100 in lbs. Use the 5/32 in hex key wrench to tighten the center pivot fastener of each elbow to 70 ft lbs. Do not yet tighten the set screws between the elbows and attachment arm pipe.

  2. Remove the four hex bolts from the connector plate circle-b.png and the two bolts from the attachment arm adapter connecting to the rope guide. Carefully remove the attachment arm assembly and Shaft Grounding Assembly, while taking care not to disturb the elbow assemblies, as this will cause misalignment.


Weld the Seams

The attachment arm is made of 300 series stainless steel. TIG welding is the preferred welding method. If a weld filler is needed, AWS E/ER 308, 308L, or 347 are acceptable.

  1. Begin by tack or stitch welding at the marks. The goal is a “stitch” or “fuse” weld. No additional welding material needs to be added at this time. The arm joints simply need to be locked in place by the tacks.

  2. After tack welding, proceed to weld all of the seams as indicated with the red lines shown in the illustration below. Weld both ends and follow accepted welding practices to minimize distortions that would compromise proper alignments.

  3. Return the fully welded arm to the Cutsforth technician for final assembly on the generator.

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