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Shaft Grounding, Inspection


Considerations to be used in inspecting the Shaft Grounding Assembly for wear or contaminants.

Inspecting the Shaft Grounding Assembly

To ensure that the Shaft Grounding Assembly is in proper working condition, make the following inspections frequently:

  • Check for any cracking or breakage of components

  • When installing or removing the rope, check the “snap in” pressure .

  • Confirm that the rope guide is not contacting the shaft. There should be approximately 1/16 in between rope guide and the face of the shaft.

  • Inspect the integrity of the rope guide and attachment arms.

  • Inspect the shaft condition for any visible signs of wear, pitting, grooving, contaminants, and so forth.

  • Inspect ropes for wear and contaminants.

  • Inspect clearances and tightness of SGA/SCA arms to ensure there is no loosening over time, which could result in rubs and/or interference from thermal expansion.

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