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Technical information


Assurance Monitoring, Technical Specifications


Physical, environmental, and performance specifications.

Technical Specifications


NEMA 4X rated

Operating Temperature Range

-15 to 65°C (+5 to 149°F)

Input Power Options

AC: 85–264 V AC, 47–440 Hz, 10 W

DC: 20–32 V DC, 10 W

Touch Screen Display 

Real time shaft voltage, ground current and rope condition:

  • Voltage Zero to Peak: Range 0 to 200 V

  • Current Zero to Peak: Range 0 to 70 A

  • Voltage RMS: 0 to 50 V RMS

  • Current RMS: 0 to 30 A RMS

  • Voltage DC: +/- 25 V

  • Current DC: +/- 30 A

  • Rope Status: Pass/Fail

Rope Change Tracking

Manual input tracks date of rope change and enables operator to reset rope fault after change or inspection.

Connectivity to Plant Systems

The values measured above are transmitted to the plant historian or other management software via seven 4–20 mA channels.

RMS and peak measurements:

  • 4 mA = zero

  • 20 mA = a full-scale reading.

DC measurements:

  • 4 mA = full-scale minus reading

  • 20 mA = full-scale positive reading.


RMS and DC readings within +/-2% of source.

Frequency Response

Down 10% between 10 Hz and 100 kHz

Pulse Response

Captures pulses 10 microseconds or wider. 100 kHz or slower (based on laboratory tests with flat-topped pulses).

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