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Remote Meter Point, Calibration, Maintenance


Calibration procedure for the calibration trimpot.

Calibration Trimpot

The calibration trimpot allows you to calibrate the Hall effect sensor (ground current sensor) so that it reads accurately.

To set the calibration trimpot

  1. After hardware installation and all wiring is complete, remove the grounding and metering ropes from the Rope Guide Assembly so that no current is flowing through the ground conductor.

  2. Activate the current sensor (push and hold the button on the Remote Meter Point faceplate) while measuring the voltage at the + CURRENT SENSOR and - CURRENT SENSOR test points.

  3. Turn the trimpot circle-a.png until the reading is as close to 0.000 V as possible.


    On a meter that reads two decimal places, a reading of 0.00 V should be attainable, but on a meter that measures to three places (0.000) it may not be possible to adjust all the way to 0.000 V. +/- 0.009 V or less is acceptable.

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