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Remote Meter Point, Installation


Guidance on determining the best component locations for an installation.

Installation Strategies

Determine the best component locations for your installation by applying the following strategies.

Determining a Ground Conductor Termination Location

The goal when choosing a grounding location is to electrically bond the shaft to the unit case. Cutsforth suggests drilling and tapping into the lower half of the unit case to create a grounding location close to the Shaft Grounding Assembly. The location at which the ground wire will terminate should have all paint removed and should be free of all contaminants in order to create a smooth, conductive surface. Structural steel and station ground are examples of unacceptable grounding locations. It is important to note that it is not necessary for the ground conductor to be grounded to an existing generator grounding pad.

Identifying an Accessible and Safe Mounting Location

The enclosure and the junction box must be installed on the same side of the shaft as the Shaft Grounding Assembly. This helps shorten the overall length of the ground run considerably. Installing the enclosures on the opposite side of the shaft can be acceptable if it allows for a significantly safer, more ergonomic solution, provided that the total ground conductor run length can be kept within the distance requirements. Because the ground conductor must run through the junction box prior to routing to ground, the junction box should be installed between the Shaft Grounding Assembly and the ground location to accommodate a short ground run.

The Assurance Monitoring System (which contains an interactive, touchscreen display) or the Remote Meter Point should be placed in a location that is safe and accessible for plant personnel. Place the enclosure at an ergonomic height so that plant personnel can safely and comfortably access the test points.

The following illustration shows the correct arrangement on the left.


circle-a.png Shaft Grounding Assembly

circle-b.png Junction box

circle-c.png Assurance Monitoring System or Remote Meter Point

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