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Premium Monitoring System Application, Threshold


Description of the purpose behind factory-set thresholds.

Determining Threshold Values

You can define threshold limits so that your snapshots collect routine data or capture data for alarm events. The Premium Monitoring System comes from the factory with the thresholds intentionally set to levels that will never trigger a snapshot or an alarm. This ensures that plant personnel do not misinterpret any factory-set thresholds as being applicable to their generator.

Thresholds may be different from generator to generator, even when two identical generators are operating at the same plant. This can be due to variances in individual generator usage, the age of the generator, or other unit-specific variables. Additionally, the Cutsforth Premium Monitoring System contains voltage-sensing equipment that is in many cases able to measure current and voltage frequencies at levels that are not commonly considered by generator manufacturers when determining their expected AC values.

Cutsforth Engineering will review any waveforms collected by the plant during normal operations to help give advice on alarming limits to be considered for monitoring application purposes, but unit-specific threshold or alarm limits must ultimately be determined by the generator manufacturer and plant personnel.

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