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Technical information


Premium Monitoring System, Viewing Graphs


Instructions on viewing two graphs at the same time by adjusting the view.

Viewing Graphs

The Premium Monitoring System displays shaft graphs and rope graphs. Operation of the SHAFT GRAPHS and ROPE GRAPHS pages is the same.

To View Graphs

Click UPDATE to capture a new waveform set. This operation is memory and processor intensive and system response will be slow while viewing waveforms on the SHAFT GRAPHS and ROPE GRAPHS pages.

Waveforms initially display auto-scaled to fit the screen and represent .02 seconds in time, or 1.2 shaft revolutions on a 3,600 RPM generator. At this full view, the waveforms may appear as a block of data. This is not an error, but rather it indicates that the zero-to-peak values are relatively consistent and the screen contains more data points than can be individually seen. To see waveform details, use the zoom function, as described below, or download the files to your flash drive to review on a computer able to read .tdms formatted data files.

To Zoom In

  1. In the upper-right of a waveform view, click the magnifying glass.


    The zoom window opens.

  2. Click an icon to select a zoom preference. The zoom options are as follows:


    Drag your cursor to select a rectangular section of the graph on which to zoom.


    Drag your cursor from left-to-right (or right-to-left) to zoom in on the X-axis only. The range of the window (y-axis) stays the same. This is the most commonly used zoom option.


    Drag your cursor from top-to-bottom (or bottom-to-top) to zoom in on the y-axis only. The domain of the window (x-axis) stays the same.


    Return the window to original size (full view).


    Click anywhere on the graph window to zoom in on the location of your mouse click.


    Click anywhere on the graph window to zoom out around the location of your mouse click.

  3. Drag the cursor on the waveform to capture the area for the zoom. You may need to zoom multiple times on a small area to see the desired detail of the underlying waveform.

  4. Before pressing RESUME MONITORING or navigating to any other page, click CLEAR to clear the page.

Be patient between requests. The system may seem very slow to respond while performing this function, but monitoring is still active, taking the higher priority with the system.

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