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Premium Monitoring System


Instructions on powering the Premium Monitoring System on and off.

Powering On and Off

If AC power is supplied and the internal breaker is activated, you can turn the Premium Monitoring System on and off using the blue Power switch:

  • To power on, turn the Power switch to the right.

  • To power off, turn the Power switch to the left.


Power-Up Sequence

  1. At power-up, the Power switch lights up and AC power is delivered to the internal AC-to-DC power converter.

    The Premium Monitoring System displays the Windows Desktop (WES7).

  2. After a short delay, the monitoring application starts automatically.


    Do not interrupt the boot process unless specifically instructed to do so by Cutsforth support. The power-up sequence can take some time due to the fact that multiple devices are receiving power in a specific sequence.

  3. When the monitoring system application has successfully initialized, it displays the HOME page.

Power-Up Troubleshooting

  1. If the Power switch does not come on, confirm that the plant's 120 V AC supply circuit is on before opening the unit to inspect the internal breaker.

  2. Allow a few minutes for the Premium Monitoring System Monitoring Application to boot upon system startup. If the monitoring system does not automatically display the monitoring application within a few minutes of power-up, double-click the Premium Monitoring Application icon on the desktop:


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