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Premium Monitoring System, Troubleshooting, Rope Faults


Introduction to best ways to investigate possible fault indications and links to scenarios.

Possible Fault Indications

Every generator has its own distinct set of normal operating conditions. Normal conditions on one generator may be alarming on another, even if the two units are of the same type. Plant personnel responsible for monitoring the systems should be familiar with normal average and peak levels for each unit. It is also advantageous to periodically view the waveforms on the Premium Monitoring System for each generator and watch for signatures that are markedly different from what has been viewed in the past. A change in a unit’s waveform output can be a powerful indicator that something requires attention within the generator or the grounding system.

The conditions listed in this topic may be fault indications. This is not a comprehensive list, but rather it is intended to draw attention to scenarios that can warrant further investigation.

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