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Premium Monitoring System, Troubleshooting, Shaft Voltage, Ground Current, Grounding Ropes


Diagram demonstrating Premium Monitoring System test point locations and information on their purposes.

Taking Test Point Readings

The ground connection test points are tied to the turbine or generator case ground.

The red Voltage test point is connected to the Shaft Voltage Metering Rope.

The green Ground Current conductor running through the faceplate allows the operator to measure ground current with a hand-held, clamp-on style ammeter. To determine the current direction, the left side of the wire is connected to the shaft grounding rope and generator shaft, and the right-hand side of the wire is connected to case ground.

The Metering Rope and Grounding Rope test points connect to each rope’s insulated wear indicator line.


For information on externally verifying waveforms using a separate scope, see EZDP-2039 Cutsforth Premium Monitoring System Signal Confirmation Procedure.

For more information, refer to the following sources:

  • Remote Meter Points Test Point Overview and Usage Instructions in the Cutsforth Manual EZDP-2007 Shaft Grounding and Remote Meter Point Installation Manual

  • Cutsforth Video Remote Meter Point Overview.mp4

  • Appropriate wiring diagram(s) for installed equipment

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