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Premium Monitoring System, Rope Data, Premium Monitoring System Application


Instructions on using the rope stats page to view rope data.

Data on the ROPE STATS Page

The ROPE STATS page displays the following data for ground rope and metering rope:

  • WEAR INDICATOR VOLTAGE: The voltage at each rope’s insulated wear indicator.

  • % OF SHAFT V: The real-time ratio of the rope wear indicator voltage to the shaft voltage, shown as a percentage.

  • FAULT LEVEL %: The associated threshold, as a percentage, entered on the ROPE SETTINGS page.

If you see any wear indicator voltage that is significantly different than what you have historically witnessed as normal for that rope, consider performing a resistance test on the associated remote meter panel test points to see if a short circuit or a low-resistance connection is present, which would be interpreted as a failing wear indicator or a condition warranting a root cause analysis. For more information on the test points, see Taking Test Point Readings.

Viewing Rope Data

You can view rope data on the ROPE STATS page.

For EZDP-2038:


For EZDP-2020:


To view rope data:

  1. Go to Rope view.

  2. Click the ROPE STATS tab.

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