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Technical information


Premium Monitoring System Application, Rope Data, Set up


Instructions on using the rope setting page to monitor the rope and change replacement dates.

Setting Up Rope Monitoring

You can set limits for rope monitoring and reset rope replacement dates on the ROPE SETTINGS page.

For EZDP-2038:


For EZDP-2020:


To display the ROPE SETTINGS page:

  1. With the HOME page displayed, click GO TO ROPE VIEW.

  2. Click the ROPE SETTINGS tab.

The GROUND ROPE HI, the METERING ROPE HI, and the EXCITER ROPE HIThe GROUND ROPE HI and the METERING ROPE HI settings determine at what wear indicator voltage, as a percentage of shaft voltage, triggers a rope fault alert. The values set in these fields are displayed in the corresponding FAULT LEVEL % fields on the ROPE STATS page as a percentage.

When you install a new rope, click the REPLACE button for the associated rope. This tells the Premium Monitoring System that a new rope has been installed. The REPLACED date and time are changed to the current date and time. 

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