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Technical information


Premium Monitoring System Application, Threshold


Instructions on setting thresholds and record waveforms in the shaft and rope settings pages.

Setting Up Monitoring and Recording Waveforms

The Premium Monitoring System records a system snapshot when the measurement taken is greater than the user-defined thresholds for either shaft or rope. You can set these threshold values using the SHAFT SETTINGS and the ROPE SETTINGS pages. These pages provide fields for setting shaft thresholds and rope limits, respectively. Additionally, they both provide the following buttons:

  • LOGOFF: Reserved for maintenance and some user-definable settings. Provides access to the TECHNICIAN screen, which allows the operator to adjust the event and 6-hour snapshot lengths if desired.

    • To log into the TECHNICIAN screen, press the LOGOFF button, and select TECHNICIAN from the user dropdown list. Press LOG ON. The application will request a password. The password for the TECHNICIAN screen is “tech1”.

    • To return to the monitoring view of the application from the TECHNICIAN screen, press BACK. Select OPERATOR from the user dropdown list and press LOG ON. No password is required to log on as OPERATOR.

  • SHOW KEYBOARD: Displays the touch screen keyboard for entering threshold values.

  • RECORD WVFM’S: Initiates a single waveform snapshot recording.

To Set Thresholds on the SHAFT SETTINGS and ROPE SETTINGS Pages



    You can also use an external USB keyboard connected to the Premium Monitoring System USB 2.0 port.

  2. Select the field for the desired threshold value.

  3. Enter the desired threshold value.

  4. In the top-right of the keyboard, click X to close the keyboard.

To Record Waveforms on the SHAFT SETTINGS and ROPE SETTINGS Pages

  1. Make sure that Unit Status is GEN ON.

  2. Click RECORD WVFM’S.

    The Premium Monitoring System initiates a single waveform snapshot recording.

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