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Technical information


Premium Monitoring System Application, Controls and Indicators


Overview of the HOME page in the Premium Monitoring System application.


The HOME page displays values for the parameters listed on the left side of the page. The columns display live values, averages over time, and thresholds, as described below.

For EZDP-2038:


For EZDP-2020:

  • LIVE Column: Displays the value in real time for all fields.

  • HOUR, DAY, WEEK, MO, QTR, and YR Columns: Display the cumulative average for the periods indicated and provide a quick view of whether those values have been consistent or trending over time. Each column shows on the screen only after its associated time value has passed since the last reset. Time is counted only when the Unit Status is GEN ON.

  • THRESHOLD Column: Displays the value entered on the SHAFT SETTINGS page. The counter next to the THRESHOLD field indicates the number of times that the threshold has been crossed since the last time its associated RESET button has been clicked. If the LIVE value exceeds the THRESHOLD value, the external LED flashes, if installed. The alarm continues until the count is cleared. A system snapshot is recorded each time the counter advances. The related green indicator turns red when the recording limit of four snapshots has been reached. When the RESET button is clicked, the counter returns to zero and the system repeats the process recording up to four more snapshots each time the threshold is crossed. Resetting the counter does not delete previously captured snapshots.

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