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Premium Monitoring System, Troubleshooting, Rope Faults


Instructions on dealing with error messages or an issue with the application.

Application Errors

If you experience an error message or an application lockup, notify Cutsforth of the issue immediately. Be sure to include the following information in your correspondence. After you collect the information, reboot the Premium Monitoring System to resume monitoring operation.

  • Picture(s) of the as-found condition of the Premium Monitoring System touchscreen. If an error message is present, scroll down to view the entire message, taking multiple pictures as necessary to capture the entire message.

  • A detailed description of the as-found state of the monitoring application. For example: Are home screen values updating? Is navigation between application screens possible?

  • A detailed description of the steps taken to produce the error, if known.

  • An error log text file. Obtain the error log file using the Premium Monitoring System File Manager. See Downloading Data for instructions on how to do this. If the Premium Monitoring System File Manager is inaccessible, the user can manually obtain the Error Log.txt file from Computer > Windows (C:) > Program Files > CMS > Error Log Folder. Depending on the error experienced, a monitoring system reboot may be necessary in order to access the error log. Transfer the log from the monitoring system using a flash drive.

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