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Premium Monitoring System, Troubleshooting, Rope Faults


Introduction to knowing when to replace a Shaft Grounding Assembly rope and identifying the issue through a step-by-step process.

Rope Faults

Cutsforth shaft grounding assembly ropes come equipped with an insulated conductor threaded into the center of the grounding and metering ropes. If the rope has not worn out to its center point, the conductor insulation will be intact and resistance between the wear indicator remote test point and ground will be greater than 500 ohms. When the conductor insulation has worn through, the resistance may vary, but a value less than 500 ohms indicates that a breach of the insulation has taken place. If you observe a value below 500 ohms, inspect the rope. It is likely that rope replacement is required.

The ROPE STATS page displays the live wear indicator value being measured. These are provided for more advanced troubleshooting. If you suspect a false rope alarm, contact Cutsforth to report the condition and learn how to avoid false triggers going forward.

Use the following troubleshooting tree to troubleshoot rope faults. Clear any rope fault that occurs on the ROPE SETTINGS page only after you have inspected or replaced the rope associated with the fault. When you click RESET, the date and time on the HOME page updates to the present time, which indicates when the rope was last replaced.


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