InsightCM 3.9.3


  • Email notifications through Microsoft 365 with modern authentication

  • Dependency on Azure.Identity version 1.10.1

  • Dependency on Microsoft.Graph version 5.27.0


  • Timeout error when updating Phantom gateway configuration

  • Reconnection failures when Phantom gateway is configured with password

  • Phantom thermal image data viewer exception

  • Prevent Phantom gateway passwords from being exported in asset spreadsheet

  • Installation failure when moving databases between servers

  • Asset table data viewer exception

  • Data archival bug when deleting data

  • Installer upgrade sometimes failing to remove previous version


  • Phantom dashboard now indicates if battery and signal strength data is old


  • System.Linq.Dynamic dependency

InsightCM 3.9.2


  • Phantom sensor data archiving


  • Update to .NET Framework 4.8

  • Update MongoDB to version 6.0.8

  • Update MongoDB.Driver to version 2.20.0


  • Support for upgrading from InsightCM versions older than 3.8.5

  • Support for Windows Server 2012

InsightCM 3.9.1


  • Support for specifying site and service names for eDNA Historian Trend and Historian Input nodes

InsightCM 3.9.0


  • Phantom wireless sensor support

  • Windows 11 support

  • Windows Server 2022 support

  • Dependency on Microsoft.AspNetCore.JsonPatch version 7.0.2

  • Dependency on Websocket.Client version 4.4.43


  • Loading of updated web application after server upgrade

  • Stator shape on Rotor Shape data viewer

  • RFM table is blank for archived data


  • Modbus and TrendMQTT services are now enabled by default

  • Dependency on Newtonsoft.Json to version 13.0.1


  • Support for Windows Server 2012 will be removed in InsightCM 3.10


  • The OPC historian service

InsightCM 3.8.7


  • Modbus service (early access)

  • Dependency on EasyModbusTCP version 5.6.0

  • Dependency on NCrontab.Signed version 3.3.2

  • Modbus operations for InsightCMConsoleApp

  • TrendMQTT service (early access)

  • Salient flux metrics for up to 96 poles (previously 24)

  • Rotating Equipment with Tachometer (Rotor Flux) asset definition file for Rotor Flux locations

  • Rotating Equipment (Rotor Flux) asset definition file for Rotor Flux locations


  • HFCT asset node definition toolkit property

  • Sending tachometer speed profile to DEI

  • Salient calculated metrics in GFM device definitions

  • Salient flux cartesian and polar chart viewer errors

  • Equipment type in RFM asset template

  • RFM table duplicated values

  • RFM file collection data type

  • Race condition in salient data event creation

  • Permissions of ProgramData\Cutsforth\InsightCM directory

  • Insufficient permissions caused file uploads to fail (e.g., importing spreadsheets)

  • EMI bug related to multiple HFCTs simultaneous data capture

  • RFM bug related to duplicated data in the viewers

  • GFM bug related to Burst Mode data collections not occurring when called.

  • "Error deleting service postgresql-x64-9.2" message that sometimes appeared during installation

  • Disabled devices no longer send backlog data

  • Single point speed channels now hard-coded to DC coupling


  • Equipment asset definition

  • Add Hydro Generator asset type to Salient toolkit

  • Update equipment mapping requirements:

    • EMI device data groups must be mapped to "Equipment" asset nodes

    • RFM device data groups must be mapped to "Rotating Equipment (Rotor Flux)" asset nodes

    • SGM device data groups must be mapped to "Rotating Equipment (Fixed Speed)" asset nodes


  • Support for EMI on cRIO 9065 and 9068

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