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  • I currently have a cRIO with installed modules and there is room on the backplane to install more modules. What are the steps to add additional modules while the controller is running?


If the controller is already working, you just need to add the modules (no need to disconnect the controller because these are hot swappable), they should be recognized by ICM after a reboot from the Action Menu. You can check that they are recognized on the device's configuration page:

  1. Click the drop-down menu on the wrench and select devices.

  2.  Double-click the controller.

  3. Go to the hardware tab. It should look something like this:

  4. If the new modules are not there, click the Connect Button to retrieve the device information.

  5. If the modules are still missing, add them manually on the drop-down menu of each slot; once you click OK it will ask you to update the hardware configuration to match it with the modifications.

  6. After this, you will need to map the module's channels to the sensors on the asset tree.

  7. Go to the device’s configuration page and update the configuration.

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