The Device I Need Does Not Show Up on the Add List

Issue Details

Software Hardware
InsightCM 3.8.5 and above

Any Controller


The file definition may have been deleted from the database, which causes the device not to show up in the add device list.



This will require access to the ICM server and administrator credentials.

  1. Navigate to C:\ProgramData\Cutsforth\InsightCM\Definitions\DeviceTypes and locate the JSON definition file of the device that is not showing up.
    • If it is not there please contact support.
  2. Open a CMD as administrator and type cd "c:\Program Files\Cutsforth\InsightCM" to navigate to that folder.
  3. Once in there type: insightcmconsole.exe importdefinition -t device -f "C:\ProgramData\Cutsforth\InsightCM\Definitions\DeviceTypes\<replace with the Device name>.json"
  4. Wait for the process to complete and get a success message.
  5. Do a hard reset and clear cache to the browser:
    • Open developer tools (CTRL+SHIFT+I or go to the Elipses > More tools option).
    • Right-click in the browser's refresh button and select the empty cache and hard refresh option.
  6. Confirm that it now shows up in the device add list, if it does not show up, please contact support.

The image below shows an example of how a missing CMS-9047 device could look.

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